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I keep hearing "slave labor" and "sweatshops". So few people are able to understand how bad life is for people before the sweatshops in these dirt poor areas. It's not as if the chinese govt is taking people away from such great jobs, giving them a pay cut and planting them in a sweatshop against their will. They are being pulled off the rice paddy where they have next to nothing - outdoor farm work is brutal. These poorer countries are clamoring for our "sweatshops". We need some perspective. This isn't slave labor by any fanciful stretch of the imagination. England and the US industrial areas started out in what would be considered worse conditions than any of these overseas plants apple or ford are operating. Over time the conditions will improve as people are able to invest money back into their operations.

That being said I like seeing these jobs stay here but trump is playing a different game. He is going after UNION shops. He knows he stole the rust belt union vote away from HRC and in four years he wants the UAW donating to his campaign. I work for a company that has plants all over the world - thankfully we are non-union maybe trump will leave us alone. And yes, I did vote for him twice and likely will again but I will call him out where he is wrong.


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Over time the conditions will improve as people are able to invest money back into their operations.

Kind of like how conditions for US workers improved over time and companies reinvested in them instead of moving the jobs overseas to where labor is cheaper . . .

Maybe your highschool economics teacher isn't the most well informed person in the world buddy.

The goal of globalization is a race to the bottom. Cutting costs instead of improving productivity. And if they can't move their production over seas, they'll drag the immigrants over here to replace the qualified workers with H-1B Visas that actually threaten the workers with deportation if they get fired.

The flaw in your analogy here is that the sweatshops in the Phillipines are run by international companies. They have no intention of investing any money there. In the past they had to invest money in the locale in which their production operated because they were forced to do so be geographic constraints.

Trump hasn't even taken office yet and you want to "call him out where he is wrong."

If Clinton was elected, we wouldn't even be hearing about companies moving jobs anywhere except out of the US IF that information even made it into the news cycle when they have news about no fly zones and war with Russia to contend with.

I don't believe for a second you voted for Trump.


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My economic teachers were books and videos from Henry Hazlitt, Murrary Rothbard, Milton Friedan and Thomas Sowell. Plus much influence from the Mises Institute and of course the great Ron Paul.

I would argue the goal of modern globalization is a one world govt. The appearance of a "race to the bottom" is a symptom. In fact much of our economic condition is a symptom of the elite desire for a one world govt. Part of that process is getting americans used to authoritarian govt regulations, licensing and taxation. Those 3 things are what drive companies overseas. The govt clamps down on us with one hand and with the other leave the door wide open for crony managed trade to ship their products back here in relative freedom.

I am vehemently anti-state and view nearly all of their machinations is terribly negative to the human condition. Trump is now about to be in charge of the giant beast and the pressure needs to be put on him to respect liberty and freedom. We do NOT need more keynsian tinkering with the economy, we need regulations SLASHED, taxes CUT and govt spending SHRUNK. Trump seems to understand some of this and we need to make sure he is pressured in the right direction. Fuck his desire for a UAW lovefest.


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I was extremely confused until I remembered "primaries"