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What stops women from declining fights? If they don't want to fight someone with a significant advantage, simply refuse the fight and if this person can't fight anyone to fight, they'll become a nobody.


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When he started doing that, his opponents didn't know he was really a man. This leaked out later after someone got hurt real bad from him.


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It's a freakshow. Everyone knows it and opponents are paid appropriately.


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There are not many fighters to choose from. You don't understand, for an amateur girl doing most combat sports trying to find her first fight against an opponent who's also having her first fight that has trained for a similar time period is difficult to begin with. Just for smokers that aren't a total mismatch a lot of girls have to travel out of state. Really look at gender composition of most fight gyms. Mostly dudes. The girls that are willing to go out in front of a bunch of people and get their nose broken are a smaller percentage of the girls going to those types of gyms at all.

Gets even harder the more experienced your girls are too. This is where politics can come into play. You got a promoter. He's got a LOT of front money on making an event happen. He's got a star 185 pound local fighter champ fighting some ripped dude from a rival state. The top fight on the undercard though is two cute girls at 125, both with at least 5 fights (not a bad start on either level amateur or pro, as most if not all will be wins for both). This fight has been hyped, advertisements made, lots of people work to make two people fight after all.

A week before the fight, coach of one of those 125 pound girls calls the promoter with bad news. Girl got a broken hand in training. Broken ankle, broken rib, etc. Some people refuse to fight with a broke toe or two, others will....shit happens though. Now though this promoter has to do his best to find an opponent willing to fight with a week's notice. This is where things get tricky and hands get greased one way or another.


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And risk being called a bigot? No, thanks.