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I couldn't believe it myself, I had to find other sources...

The win comes less than a year after the International Olympic Committee said transgender athletes should be able to compete in the Olympics and other international sporting events without undergoing sex-reassignment surgery.

-The Washington Times

And here is a cycling publication having a discussion regarding the fairness of allowing trannies to compete.

And finally, the magnum opus of this entire situation, a quote from the tranny herself in "Cycling Tips":

“That first article that came out got close to 700 hundred comments. It was really bad,” Bearden told Ella CyclingTips. “I started getting hate messages on Strava, Facebook, email and LinkedIn. It was just horrible – an outpour of negativity. It hurt me so much."

"But the ignorant people out there, they just saw me as some guy who threw on a pink uniform and wanted to compete in the other gender’s category. It’s asinine to think that I would actually do that,” she said.

It is, indeed, asinine that you would actually do that. Thank you for your courage.