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I guess he's not wrong. They're getting pillaged by the Chinese as we speak who, unlike the white devil, lack our level of empathy.

Still, you're right that without us, all of those resources would remain in the ground, but to be honest, I think they would be happier running around on the Savannah hunting Zebras with spears than living in the world of gibs that has made them so shiftless and shameful. We violated the prime directive basically.


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Technology isn't the only thing they lack either.

Let's be honest: Africans are so fucking stupid that their best individual accomplishments are mud huts that are as sophisticated as many bird and rat nests, corn hair and rolling in filth.

Africans are so profoundly lazy and stupid they regularly starve to death while surrounded by the world's most fertile farmlands.

I often think about what the white settlers accomplished after arriving in America with almost nothing. They built beautiful wooden and stone cottages, farms, churches, schools, towns and cities, whereas Africans enjoy oceans charity from the civilized world yet they huddle together under sheets of aluminum like rat infestations when they aren't raping and killing eating each other like rabid animals.


That said, I think the examples of Africans chimping-out and raping and murdering white farmers before seizing their land and tearing up millions of dollars of irrigation infrastructure to sell for a few hundred dollars as scrap... before starving to death next season and begging Americans for gibs... is the best example of the African mentality.


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says that European universities refuse to train Africans on how to develop and use the technology required to access their own natural resources. He claims that the West refuses to train Africans so they can maintain their monopoly on technology. Even though that statement is a complete lie, I don't get it though, why do Africans NEED the White man to teach them how to do things? Aren't they capable of learning how to do things on their own?

It's amazing what one can learn with a bit of drive. The amount of data I have accessed on programing and micro electronics is staggering, my Google Drive library is a testament to the amazing technical information free for the taking. The things I see people doing on YouTube or random websites, oft times being largely self taught is jaw dropping. All it takes is drive, and a little time each day or each week and you can understand, build, repair, develop just about anything. Surely if they were serious about mastering the technology they claim exploits them and enriches us the resources of a nation state could ready legions of Africans in whatever field they seek to access.


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It's amazing what one can learn with a bit of drive.

Given that EVERY African country and community on Earth is a shit hole, no-matter what educational and social opportunities or welfare they are gifted with, I suspect the problem with blacks is genetic.

You can dress a dancing bear in a skirt and make it ride a bicycle, but that won't make it become a productive member of the civilized world.

Similarly, it doesn't matter how many social or educational opportunities you give an African community, you'll still end up with niggers... which is why it doesn't matter how much food we gift to the useless and starving Africans because that only enables 'em to breed more useless and starving Africans... and no problem was ever solved by adding more niggers to it.


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Bullshit claim . The Brits started a war in Siera Leone to protect their interests in a phosphorus mine , oil companies are raping Angola and so on . Add to that that we are exporting our trash in their western coast and dispose our nuclear waste in their eastern coast.

Your intelligence claim fails to mention that all the shitheads north of the Alps lived in the same mud huts and exercised tribal warfare and cannibalism for thousands of years before meeting with Rome (you were civilized by fucking Romans !!!) . Ethiopia had a glorious kingdom with enlightened for the era laws and literature while the Germanics, the Goths, the Slavs and the Celts were woodland savages . Unless you think that intelligence develops in the tiny span of 1000 years.

Oh and to take it a bit farther i love when i see colonial trash deported from Europe for failing to be proper Europeans, all those inbred , religious lunatic , "surplus population" dumbfucks that came to be Americans, Australians, Canadians , South Africans etc claiming that they are intelligent. What is your word for Academia ? oh wait you don't have one mongrels .

We Greeks invented and established western civilization on the bases of humanism and cosmopolitanism only to have the likes of you talking about DNA ( still tribal? for fucks shake!) and racial nonsense (how you can progress if you despise difference ?) , it is sad to see the world we perceived going to shit yet i understand that no matter what varvaroi will always regress back to their primitive state.


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