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[–] guinness2 63 points -34 points (+29|-63) ago  (edited ago)

Conservatives will be thrown in the fucking gulag. Or maybe I might shoot them. I haven't decided yet.

This is a political discussion forum for adults, not a creative writing forum.

If you want to escape into fantasies about murdering conservatives, please do it elsewhere.

Edit: Ha ha! Vote manipulation is everything I expect from a triggered cuck.


[–] holywolysmoly 11 points 23 points (+34|-11) ago  (edited ago)

This is a political discussion forum for adults

So I'm confused now. If it's for adults then what are you doing here? All I've seen you post is anti-Islamic hate speech and photos of starving African children above the words, "LOL!"

A bit of a stinking hypocrite, are we not? You upvote your own posts because -- let's face it -- nobody else is going to, are they?


[–] putinpunhere 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Shooting neocons may be fine, but pragmatic type should be better left alone.