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This doesn't make much sense. If this was true, why would he have been running for President?


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https://archive.is/HSytM :

Ben Carson turned down role in Trump's cabinet as he said he had 'no government experience' | The Independent

'The retired surgeon in Florida told The retired surgeon in Florida told The Washington Post : "The way I’m leaning is to work from the outside and not from the inside. '

'Retired neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate Ben Carson reportedly turned down a high-profile role in Donald Trump’s government as he had "no government experience" and did not want to bring down his ally’s presidency. '

'"Dr Carson feels he has no government experience, he's never run a federal agency," he said. '

'"I want to have the freedom to work on many issues and not be pigeonholed into one particular area."'

'Despite reports hat he had been offered the role of secretary of health and human services, Mr Williams said "everything was open to him" - and he refused. '

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