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They'll eventually figure out that money spent shilling on voat is almost as wasteful as shilling on 4chan.

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money spent shilling on any chan just drives users to a different chan/board. If they do that to voat we would have to make another voat replacement or come up with some way of not letting them control the discussion (preferably not banning though).

do you still need a minimum amount of comment KArma to submit? We should bring that back


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You're right. It is wasteful because the breitbart lovers here have their heads so far up their own asses they can't even think straight. They are too far gone into their echo chamber.


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Hah! You mad snow flake?


[–] enormousatom ago 

See that's what we here at voat refer to as thinking. I know it seems difficult or even toxic which is why you dumb fucking liberals seem to be so scared and get butt hurt about it. But hey man, I'm sure you get paid by the word so I'm going to feed you a little bit. Every message board deserves a troll. I just thought we'd have better ones.