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OP are you a pedophile? Are you a shill who purchased a voat account? Why would you link directly to jimmycomet ping pong's boyfriend's website?


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Haha, read my other post on whatever for info.


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OK, I'll bite OP! I'll red-pill myself on this Bill Kristen guy. But i definitely wont use the aristocrat jew's search engine, google. I will use Goodgopher. Who knows what I'll find!

You HAVE heard of the Streisand effect, haven't you. I'll report back here in a few minutes to red-pill everyone else on voat.


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Really, a headline where they pointed out how the MSM were ignoring Hillary's health is considered one of their worst headlines?


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https://archive.is/X65Z4 :

Breitbart News’ Worst Headlines

'God, their comments section wants me to take a shower. '

' And if you dare post anything of actual fact to destroy thier narrative, they flood your in-box with loathing. '

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