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That is a terrific tactic against a T-34 whose crewmembers are all asleep. Tanks are designed to be insulated from NBC, as well as their HESH liners having a significant thermal retardant effect. Besides, when used in combined arms (as any tank should since Vukovar) you will be dead dozens of times, and your buddies will all have run off. The US military has spent the last 30 years basing its entire military doctrine against protection from jury-rigged weapons like you suggest, and if you look at statistics, they have improved significantly. They are also fighting fanatics with soviet surplus, not confused peasants who are trying to remember what they read in the Anarchist's Cookbook.

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hesh armor is for catching spalling, not thermals. you'll still cook in a box

While it would be entertaining, I do not think the US military is planning war with Britain anytime soon (and yes, I do understand that HEAT can cause spalling as well). It is a decent heat retardant for the same reason that it is a good spall liner. Of course it is not a perfect protection, but defenses are not designed to be impregnable, but to give enough time to kill whoever is attacking.

rolling through the forest may be fine, but getting a convoy stuck on a narrow road with front and back vehicles blown to bits would be suicide

In the Yugoslav wars, the Serbs were facing the problem of transporting goods and materials through hostile territory that they did not have the strength to take. They solved this by taking the region around one road, and constantly patrolling and observing it, performing COIN with much less manpower. The Government would likely make similar zones to both transport materials and serve as a honeypot to attract suicide attacks.

your whole argument hinges on american civilians being complete cowards and idiots with zero ability to even figure out which end of the gun bullets come out of

No, it relies on them being disorganized, and prone to be confused and routed should complications arise, especially due to the extremely complex nature of a hypothetical insurrection.

and they still have major problems with it.

Because the counter insurgency in the middle east is being horribly mismanaged by politicians who want one foot in the war, and the other foot out. They might make an attack, then they'll have to wait and let the terrorists reorganize and plan ambushes.

what exactly do you think those people were before they were fanatics?

Mujahadini, or sons of mujahadini. Mujahadini who happened to be armed with weaponry from both of the modern superpowers.

the anarchists cookbook is such bad info i can't imagine it was written as anything but a joke that was taken to seriously.

This is true. It's a historical document I suppose.

My main point is this: claiming that the government could be overthrown trivially is a stupid and dangerous idea that could result in unimaginable suffering. It assumes an incredible amount of coordination between people who have incredibly different beliefs (some may be fighting for liberty, some may be fighting for their god, some may be fighting a race war). In addition, who will determine when shit hits the fan? Will Obama/Trump declare martial law one fine morning and take people's guns and give dissidents a bullet to the back of the head? I doubt it. If tyranny comes, Americans will have to do what we must, but a disorganized riot without massive military defection would both cause amounts of death that would make the 1860s war look like a minor family feud, and give the government an excuse to take away any amounts of liberty and power the people have left.