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Yep, they did. As did you. Go back to Reddit if you're looking for censorship. Until then, you can say whatever you want and everyone else can to. If OP is a fag, voat will point out OP is a fag.


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Look at my comment and look for the words "censorship". Opps, it isn't fucking there. I don't think I ever said I was looking for that, which is why I'm on Voat. I don't care if he called OP is a fag, or ever said that I agreed with OP's opinions on the second amendment. However, just like I'd defend the right for the parent comment to say "op is a faggot", I'd definitely say OP had the right to tell his opinions.

Also, telling me to go back to reddit, huh? Hmm... Lol I bet you tell that to all the people you don't like on Voat. There goes having my say. :O

Wew man, who knew 4 words could trigger the fuck out of people like you :D


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Now do what I told you to and fuck off back to your safe space you faggot.