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They've been railing against the electoral college for years. Most of it is ignorant bleating; they might have heard why the electoral college exists in school, but it "feels" wrong whenever the college doesn't agree with the popular vote. Most of them don't seem to realize this renders most of America irrelevant: if you win the coasts, you win the nation(in fact, some seem to think otherwise: that it'll make voters in reliably blue and red states count). Soros et al just have to give these people a push since anything they learned about the purpose of the body in school's been long forgotten.


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What is also funny about this is that we did win the popular vote, as well. Of course, by a narrow margin, but in the mind of people who are steeped in a culture of "I want, I want, I want" the fact that they were close enough should bump them up from participation certificate to /win.