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Thats a lot of pizza.. Like White house numbers almost.. $30k on pizza and hot dogs for them too.. ?!

There seems to be a lot of money funneling through this place from sources that probably NEVER want to be leaked together.

Soros and Obama...

Also, they found links to a Chief District Attorney yesterday.. In charge of prosecuting what? Child Pedo shit among them..

/Dont bury this. Something is obviously rotten here. Who among us is going to keep downvoting this stuff because its terribly uncomfortable?

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I was on the fence about this, but holy shit the autists are really digging up some shit aren't they

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Thank god for the autists

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Yes, they are. God bless the autists.

I'm not sure this is really about pedoporn shit, but it's money laundering at the very least. Definitely shady.

Keep doing the work you're doing anons!

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If this keeps up, obama will have to pardon him self..

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What in the absolute fuck? This story gets stranger by the minute.

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Globalists Against All Nations turning kids into 'fundraisers'.

If any of this pans out to be true, the people will fucking knock down every last door on this earth to get to give these satanists their due.


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Nothing a thermal lance can't fix.

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The limp wristed assholes didn't build their own bunkers. Normals know where they are, which means we will find out.

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why let 4chan and /Red get all the credit? We can do something too.

I can't dial international, lol. Not in my plan. We need ONE person to call the Madeline Family and get an updated statement. They have made ZERO mention of any of these revelations and it has been a week.. Time to inquire.

http://findmadeleine.com/contact_us/index.html Contact information is here. Specifically, we need these questions answered:

Have witnesses been shown photos of the Podesta brothers and/or Anthony Weiner? (If yes, what was their reaction?) Has Scotland Yard placed any of these individuals in the vicinity? Were they investigated as persons of interest? Have flight records been checked on that week for the arrival of any planes belonging to a Mr. Jeffrey Epstein? -A known pedophile.

Any negative answer should be followed by, "Why Not?" Be polite. This is an inquiry following procedures they have requested on their website. We don't dox or grief, remember that's what officials seem to say you are doing if they get nervous.. So make sure you don't!

I find it HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS they have not updated their website. Do not rule out the McCanns are compromised victims.

Anyone gonna step up to bat and make a call? Post here.. Otherwise I gotta go change my phone plan.

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The snake twists and turns and winds all around the world. We must track down the head of the beast and lop it off! Only then can we say that we truly vanquished the beast!

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I believe the parents gave the child to these predators perhaps as a sacrifice to "Get into the club." There were some holes in the parents story and one police officer was fired I believe for "insulting" them because he didn't believe them.

Gonçalo Amaral (said officer who was fired) released a book - and then later a documentary The Truth of the Lie (English translated; YT has original in Portugueseif that's your thing... that translator is kinda distracting) giving his side.

Whole thing was shady as shit... leaving 8 children unattended to go and have dinner and drinks "taking turns checking on the children"?

Mother finds 4 year old missing, twins sound asleep and a window open... she runs back to the restaurant and yells "We let her down!" The hell? Can't completely recall, but I think there was mention of a sedative for the children... Sooo... "we let her down" especially brings a chill down my spine.

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I swear to god, if Pizzagate inevitably ends up finding out who kidnapped Madeline McCann then 2016 has been the weirdest year in history.

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Lol good idea. I used to dial the numbers I found in Podesta emails and say i was a journalist with "voat news." Just make sure you follow the law and record all conversations!

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Recording conversations can be against the law depending where you are. In the US for instance, states are either one party consent, or two party consent states. One party consent means that only one person in a conversation has to consent to it being recorded, so you can record just fine. Two party consent means that every person in the conversation must consent to being recorded, or you're breaking wiretapping laws. It gets extra fun for calls that cross state lines.

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Could you post this in /v/pizzagate too? That's where a lot of the investigation is going on in one place. Thanks!

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Cannot wait to see how this Pizzagate story unfolds....

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Someone found his NY house on Google maps. Maybe he'll start getting some real pizza, soon.

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It's not like the delivery guy will ever get past the gate... but carry on anons I suppose.

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That's weird. Wonder why. A real chin-scratcher, that one.

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Can I join in on the theatrical chin scratching also? Maybe with some exaggerated squinting and looking up to the sky?

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Get a couple more and we can all 'hmm' in slightly different pitches. It'll be kinda like acapella.

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Don't forget to lightly tap your chin with your fingertip at the same time.

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strokes beard, nodding

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WHOA HOLD ON A MINUTE!!! Be calm after you read this. Give TPTB some time to correct these problems. Have some faith in our fellow Americans. The alternative is not in our best interests - civil war is catastrophic versus giving the FBI some time to fix this.

I was thinking of going out on this. Spooked me hard. FUCK IT. Full spill ahead. The truth is always in our best interests.

Ok, here it goes.

Let's just assume the FBI aren't fucking idiots. (Again, I think they have this, so I'm NOT loading for bear atm. I actually still trust the FBI to do good by us, REMAIN CALM).

-I think a lot of us know how this shit went down.. Same way it usually goes down:

Too big to prosecute again. Another Franklin Papers.

Well, here it is:

"One of our FBI insiders confirmed the Intelligence community indicates John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd 2007– the day Madaline McCann vanished.

The Podesta brothers were staying with a friend named “Clem” . Clement Freud, the grandson of psychopathology sex expert Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was known to be a pedophile. This is a quote from our insider: “Of greater interest is that fact that Freud owned a villa in Praia da Luz.”

http://victuruslibertas.com/2016/11/do-john-and-tony-podesta-have-a-connection-with-missing-child-madeleine-mccann/ -Yes, I realize its ANON FBI source. They did the same thing with the NYPD leak, remember? Podesta erases his email for the only time in like two decades the day after this? Nothing suspicious here? MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO PROSECUTE AT THIS POINT. You know it, and I know it.

First in Nation to say it: Trump is fucking president because of this leverage, thank you FBI. -(They must have uncovered the vote rigging. And used it themselves. Because again: too big to prosecute. Conspiracy theory? 7% exit poll discrepancy is STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. -They traced the exit polls to the sources. -AND IT WAS EASY because the DNC just used it against Sanders).

Hillary thought her poll manipulators would play ball? How about when they showed them the pedo shit her campaign manager is behind?

I gotta slow clap the FBI on this one. I'll even give em four years to show me they are fixing the Country. Because after due consideration, this is in our best interests. We need this shit cleaned up, and I have to admit, they seem to be making progress. Without a civil war.

Makes me wonder if it wasn't an accident the FBI employee list got doxxed a couple months ago. -Someone looking for accountability? Apparently Assange has reached the same opinion as myself, because he could have doxxed all of this ages ago. He's being a calm Patriot. I'm going to be calm too. MAGA. It can be done.

We're on our soap box right now, because our ballot box has been stolen. We expect it returned. /Only one box left after this.

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They have exposed too much of the shadow govt and its operations. the kiddie shit is just a red herring so that the leaks can be fixed.

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I question your view on things.

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I'll upvote you for that. Admittedly, details are lacking, conjecture is aplenty.

And there is STILL NO conclusive proof that they were in Portugal.. Only an anon FBI (?) tip? From a questionable source.. BUT: That source says what everyones been thinking. ANOTHER smoking gun? There's an arsenal here.

Heres what bugs me:

Why HAVEN'T the PODESTA brothers addressed ANY OF THE CRAZY SHIT THEY ARE LINKED TO? We're all overlooking the Jeffrey Dahmer art, and nude kid portraits in their living room..? Why? PEDO pizza connections? Human trafficking (children) from CONVICTED pedos directly associated to the Podestas and WH?

Then shit escalates to crazy level: Linking these creepy Podestas to McCann kidnapping?! Perfectly matching police artist sketches? (!) You can't make up this shit. That was a double match on those portraits. Someone argue away that fact logically?

-Thats NOT suspicious?!

McCanns not updating their site amid all this new extraordinary evidence?

-Thats suspicious and creepy.

From my perspective, it looks like stalling so far. (Why would they ignore any of this? -Its been brought to their attention. Thousands of people are talking about it. This was absolutely an issue to be addressed in public, immediately, -it wasn't). If it were my kid it sure as fk would have been addressed. -WHO ignores this and remains absolutely quiet? They absolutely paint themselves compromised and/or complicit.

No feedback from Scotland Yard? They didn't think this warrants review with witnesses? I say they are compromised then. -With good reason, they already tampered with the e-make portraits: They withheld their release (!). I shit you not:

http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/347672/Maddie-Crimewatch-pictures-kept-secret-for-five-years -Starting to see that this goes deep?

-Seeing a trend here? OR -You don't see anything out of the ordinary here?

I'm only stating the facts. And you've decided to question my view on things. Sound familiar?


/The honor is mine. Thankyou for invoking red pill kek magic.

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Archived page Victurus Libertas.

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