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This is due a revision by Wikipedia editor Geni, in this edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Marina_Abramovi%C4%87&action=historysubmit&type=revision&diff=747831510&oldid=747830861

The source after the sentence is this: http://www.rts.rs/page/magazine/ci/story/461/svet-poznatih/2400189/marina-abramovic-ja-sam-nomadska-eks-jugoslovenka.html

The article says nothing about her being Jewish, and it supports the claim that she's either Serbian or Yugoslvanian (she's from a country that no longer exists).

The reason the Jewish claim comes up on Google is because the page was indexed after the change was made. "Serbian" was changed to "Jewish" on November 4th, 2016 by


That user had this to say on the talk page:

Is everyone f***ing retarded?Seriously since when is ABRAMOVIC a Serbian or Montenegrin surname?She is clearly JEWISH!! I don't know how in the world no one sees it?Again-she's a JEW!!Just like Roman Abramovič isn't russian- HE'S JEWISH!!Stop twisting the truth you degenerates !!


Wikipedia itself does say that Abramowicz is an ethnically Jewish name:

Abramowicz, Abramovich, Abramowitz, and Abramovitz are spellings of a long established surname in Europe; first recorded in England,[citation needed] it is now found in every European country. It is a common surname amongst Ashkenazi Jews,...


However, the proper edit would've been to say that she has an ethnically Jewish name, and to not use an unrelated article as the citation. It also doesn't mean she IS Jewish or even ethnically Jewish, as it could've come from her father's side. It requires a citation (but surely that would've been deleted as well).


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https://tweetsave.com/_altright_anew/status/794638888165773312 :

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