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I had to show this to my mom. We were talking this morning and I literally compared Hillary to a Chicago style mafia lord. Why is my gut always so spot on?

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That would answer the question "Where did she get her hit squad from that knows how to be professional and NEVER speak of it to anyone?"


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I once quipped that the mob would be proud of whomever her assassinator was and that got me to thinking that maybe the mob had a hand in it. There is a lot more information out there on this.


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Pot calling Kettle Black

Donald Trump himself has had plenty of ties to the Mob and the Mafia



Of course this is not going to be popular, but just saying you might not want to go down this path

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In context, given the context of what trump said about Cruz, it makes sense they would find anything they could to throw at her, regardless of how factual it is.

It's partisan politics in the Early 21st century, etc

Here we have an instance of Trump having personal dealings with the mob and mafia.

but Hillary is worse off because her father had to deal with the mafia.

Like you should ALWAYS be judged for the crimes and errors of your father.


If you dad gets a DUI, then you should loose your own license?

The USA doesn't work that way.


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Unfortunately we don't have a decent competitor. Bing is M-soft, just as evil. DuckDuckGo is privacy-conscious, but a pretty bad product compared to the flagships.

Startpage is just Google searches, but worse in quality.