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Typical liberal progressive fucktard and also a liar.

I disagree with Breitbart that this proves his statement false, if an individual gun owner buys a gun on separate visits, it will show as separate background checks.

The continuing record checks does suggest new owners, but it can also be explained by gun owners like me adding to their collection before an election that might control sales in the future. We probably wont get solid evidence either way because we dont track ownership (We shouldnt) and thus the statistics on gun ownership are limited to surveys, which are going to get less accurate the more justifiably paranoid US gun owners get.

Its a tough statistical nut to crack, so with no solid answer the biased lean on whatever they have as "proof"

For the record, ownership of arms is an innate right, needed to protect our ability to self rule. (so you wont mistake me for opposition or something)


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While I don't disagree with you, gun sales are at an all time high and I don't believe its the same individuals buying more and more guns. Look at the states with concealed carry, the classroom participation in those are also at an all time high, its not the same people over and over. Seems every time a Democrat opens their mouth about more gun control the sales go up. I don't think its a coincidence at all. Just my thoughts.


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I more or less agree, however I dont call Murphy a liar because he has his own statistical support for his statements. Namely phone surveys which have indicated for decades that the number of owners is going down while the number of guns owned per owner is increasing. That larger trend can also be explained by population shifting from the country to the city, which usually has harsher regs and thus makes gun ownership a hassle.