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I didn't downvote, nor do I know why you got downvoted (this is Politics after all, not /religion/) but I did want to point out why "God given right" is such an important phrasing.

The idea that your rights are given to you by God is to cement that your rights aren't given by man, so therefore cannot be revoked by man. No document, government, or human being provided you those rights, instead they are your inalienable rights to you as a human being. Therefore no document, government, or human being can limit or tread on those most basic of rights.


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i agree with the idea that the right to bear arms transcends the right of government, society, or neighbor to prevent you from bearing them. if someone, even god, can give you the right to something then that someone can rescind that permission, too. as so often happens with god that someone will be the church which anyone being honest will admit is just as corrupt as any government, society, or neighbor, if not more so.

it is a natural right to bear arms and since the supernatural isn't real it's a mistake to use it as a justification for anything.