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I've was in the shady job market during the crash. It wasn't a huge crash. Whenever I hear "jobs Americans don't want to do" all I hear is "We would pay you less than minimum wage, but that would be against the law."

Folks, DO NOT EVER BELIEVE THE WORDS: "Jobs Americans don't want to do."

It's really "Jobs shady companies pay illegals to do for a lower wage than legally required"

Don't fall for it.


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This is same exact round and round I go through with my folks on a regular basis. I swear to everything almighty, I'm absolutely tired of "Americans don't want these jobs!" with a grudge that makes me want to scream. They do. You hit it on the head goddamned perfectly, auto - kudos.

So hey how bout them Baby Boomers, eh?


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My favorite is "the market will take care of wages, we don't need minimum wage." Because these stories TOTALLY prove that to be true. Companies would GLADLY pay top dollar to people if they weren't forced to.


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The only time I half believe this is when people talk about picking cabbage in a field. Literally every other job I can think of I know plenty of people who would take it. Hell I do know some American-born farm hands but they do truly hate the work.

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i believe it.

companies are required to "attempt" to give americans jobs first. i have gone into interviews and gotten turned down for the jobs, only to find out most of thd employees are foriegners.


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"Jobs Americans don't want to do."

I always translate that into, "Jobs that Americans aren't paid enough to do".