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U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill sentenced Saucier to one year in prison and a $100 fine, along with six months home confinement, 100 hours of community service and a ban on owning guns, his legal team says. Prosecutors had asked for six years behind bars.

"a ban on owning guns"? I guess because he's considered a felon now?


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There are certain felonies I feel should not bar one from owning guns. Things like this are one of them, or such as driving too fast (reckless driving) types of things. The punishment should fit the crime, and if there isn't any violence, a gun ban is a little unnecessary.


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No crime should keep a free man from owning guns. We were given that right without all of these stipulations we have today. If a person is deemed too dangerous to own a weapon then they shouldn't be free in the first place.


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Given the offense a ban on owning cameras would be more appropriate?

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