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The Federal should step in to protect Constitutional Rights and what it can regulate at the federal level given to it in the constitution, namely infrastructure and interstate commerce, such as large businesses and how the practice with various states. As for state issues, that should fall on the blame of the people for not getting involved. It's easier to get into state government and enforce liability to it's citizens but the citizens need to be motivated to do so.

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Nope, only commerce that crosses state lines and also has an effect on the national or international economy. Does you making a smoothie have that effect? No because your a consumer, and unless your selling it to the person in another state it's not. The exchange between the grower in another country to ours is, the importer from another state to the state you live is. You buying it at a local market that has no business outside the state isn't. Farmers market don't count, small businesses don't count, and frankly it's common sense that is lacking in our government and people these days as judges allow technicalities. You know what technicalities should be, called out as wrong and unjustifiable fallacies that they are. "Technically right" means that your wrong and only via word play and twisting in a lie are you right.

The moment you start hearing "Yeah But" "But" "Technically" are the moments you know that the argument is starting on weak ground looking for excuses.