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As someone who lives in North Carolina, we've proven, without question, that states need to be kept in line and cannot be trusted to create just laws. States get drunk with power rather quickly. Just look at the last two years in NC....


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The Federal should step in to protect Constitutional Rights and what it can regulate at the federal level given to it in the constitution, namely infrastructure and interstate commerce, such as large businesses and how the practice with various states. As for state issues, that should fall on the blame of the people for not getting involved. It's easier to get into state government and enforce liability to it's citizens but the citizens need to be motivated to do so.

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Because Governor Pat hurt the feewings of an infinitesimal sliver of mentally ill perverts in the population, by telling them the little girls' room is off limits and psychology does not supersede biology?

Pat fucking McCrory for mental health czar. Fuck transfags.

Your pitiful attempt at an attack was rather disappointing. This has nothing at all to do with HB2(which will be shot down by the courts), but more to do with all the other bullshit they've been trying to shove down our throats, that have ALL be found to been constitutionally questionable:

1) Voting restrictions:

2) Congressional Redistricting:

3) School Board redistricting:

4) Teacher association payroll deduction

5) Judicial “retention” election

6) Separation of powers

So, not everyone is interested in your little moral crusade.

Perhaps a little research is in order. If you plan on coming in and attacking me, I suggest you have your ducks in a row, cause I will make you look stupid ... you know, like this.

Care to shut the fuck up now? Or is more abuse in order, the call is yours.

EDIT: Wanted to be sure I saved your comment and name, so when you delete it, it will still be here.


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that states need to be kept in line and cannot be trusted to create just laws.

No. I rather have more freedom to choose more politically diverse places with what you would consider "injust" laws. And isn't diversity important for lefties?


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I think the constitution is better situated to hand "unjust" laws and that's EXACTLY whats happening here in NC. Check this comment where I break it down.

But you, like the person I responded to in that comment, don't really want what the constitution says, you want what YOU BELIEVE the constitution says, and that's a problem.