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The left is fine, the democrats are fucked. They have not done a good job convincing their fan base that they are not in bed with corporate interests. It is anything but democratic. The democratic party has destroyed itself with identity politics. It should be called the kleptocratic party.


[–] 1Sorry_SOB 1 points 19 points (+20|-1) ago 

Good point. The Right voters were able to overcome the Republican Party rigged candidates and hopefully clean out some rot. The left is going to have to do the same. You're going to have to come to grips with truth that it is the same neo-con policy runs both parties. Take a good luck at the top donors.


[–] Sinful_Casshern 2 points 15 points (+17|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Exactly, voat is always putting down lefties but they don't really take swings at the right wing politicians, like the rhinos or whatever the fuck those pricks want to be called. I'm voting for Trump just on the basis that the elite from both sides are afraid of him and are throwing everything they can at him to make him go away. I don't have any faith in these politicians and to say that one side is the bad guy and not the other is just fucking ignorant. I'm not going to support the Republican party like that, especially when they'd rather have hillary as president than trump just because there (((special interests)))


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What does left even mean anymore? Can't we like having marijuana AND guns legal?

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