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[–] canbot 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago 

What you are saying is you know you aren't mentally stable and shouldn't be carrying a gun but instead you are going to go untreated and walk around armed. But it's not your fault. It's societies fault for making you do it.

How about fuck you. The fact that you are that type of person does not invalidate the law. The rest of society has a right to protect themselves from people who occasionally decide they have nothing to lose, and the only thing that matters is their anger and resentment.


[–] InyourfaceNancyGrace 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

I'm saying that with treatment, especially with early diagnosis and treatment, some mental illness can be quickly mitigated without dehumanizing the person or relegating them to second-class citizenship. An otherwise-normal person going through a rough patch might need some counsel in order to get early treatment and prevent onset of full-blown mental illness. But when you introduce laws that compromise people's rights, you deter them from getting the help they need and consequently worsen the problem you're trying to solve.

So yes, that is what I'm saying. A person who has carried all of their life suddenly loses their job, which compromises their family life, and essentially they could use some psychological counsel to help sort things out. The kind of counsel that would recommend they not carry a pistol around. But instead they are going to avoid that counsel because gun collecting is an integral part of their life, and treatment now means having yet another aspect of the life you enjoy stripped away. That's not very hard to understand, but seeing as how you got mad at me and not the hypothetical I created, I'm guessing that it might actually be hard for you to understand.

If being diagnosed with the flu meant you had to turn over your hard drives and internet history, you might think twice before going to the doctor for a fever right?


[–] lexsird 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Thanks for making it an 'us versus them' kind of thing. How about fuck you back. I hope you push someone over the edge and they take you with them.