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Have to agree that there are some peculiar facts about the whole thing.

  • 800+ armymen launch a coup in 2 cities, in one of the most militarized nations in NATO - but the rest of the army doesn't fight back?
  • Failure to capture or kill the president as a first priority - right, they almost got him.
  • The appearance of a 'weak coup', as described by some people in Turkey, who have seen this kind of thing before.
  • Network communication was not interrupted, as is reported to be normal procedure in such an event. Someone wanted to give us a show, and we got one.
  • The president landing in the middle of an active conflict zone. Maybe he's not a coward?

Edit: The outcome will most likely be, that he can now get support for taking control of the military - which is/was there, to make sure that religious forces would not gain absolute power.


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The "rebel" f-16's had him on radar lock and didn't fire? They then refueled from tankers "commandeered" from our base?

We're helping set up a new Saddam, just like we did in the 80's.


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Not to mention the timing was pretty good to detract from other world events. The front page of CNN quickly turned away from Nice, and to Turkey.


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And if it were a real coup attempt, it came too late in the day.

The Army should have overthrown Erodgan the instant he arrested all those Generals and other officers on trumped up charges of treason.

Now the army is infested with Erodgan supporters, like a cancer. Turkey is lost.


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Well I suppose the people get the leaders they deserve. It is highly unfortunate that the European values of Atatürk are being replaced by those of Muhammad... the infamous prophet warlord is clearly more deeply embedded in the hearts of the majority.


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Turkey is lost.

Let them kill themselves so the Greeks can take back their rightful territory.


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It would be nice if I could dismiss this as tinfoilry, but sadly, this all seems way too plausible.


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It's getting to the point that the more unbelievable a theory is, the more likely it is to be reality. But, a large portion of people are growing weary. I don't trust my government at all. Not in the slightest bit. Everything is a game or an angle. Turdeau is gonna legalize pot. Well, he sure seems to be dragging his heels on it. I'm guessing he's waiting for big pharma to draft up the legislation. Colorado and Washington legalized it overnight, in comparison. Why not mirror their efforts?


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Whose razor would that be?


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Seems plausible. The coup was designed to fail. You do not launch a coup at 11 pm Friday night. And without the support of Istanbul military commanders. This was made by Erdogan to make Erdogan look strongk and powerful and not a complete drooling moron.


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I've thought about the same. Turkey seems hopelessly lost in the grip of islam, and they won't become the modern western state that Atatürk envisioned.

Won't matter for the EU though. They'll probably get both visa free travel and EU membership.

The world is turning more crazy by the day.


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Nah, not quite. The military control Ankara, but Erodgan landed back over in Istanbul to act like he still has power. Barring either an about face from their navy, or an intervention by nato, the Turkish military controls their country. (and 40 nukes)


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A 'good' alternative conspiracy theory is that Zionists and globalists were behind the whole thing to remove Erdogan. Doubtless Islamists will push some version of this as it is no secret that Kemalist military officers tend to be more friendly to US and Israeli interests than Erdogan's Islamists.

Or we could chalk it up as a failed coup attempt. As I usually prefer the most easily explainable option in these cases rather than speculative paranoia that's the door I'm going with until I see any real reason to believe otherwise.


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Forgive these sources, they're somewhat lefty and pro-Islam, but they are reporting something important. That Erdogan has been wanting to purge people critical of him and to gain more power for a while



http://archive.is/Bs2K1 (oldest one showing this has been a long standing tradition for Erdogan)

When the country's highest court ordered their release from jail (members of the media who questioned Erdogan), Erdogan announced that he would not respect the ruling, setting the stage for a showdown between the government, the courts and the media.

Erdogan is dangerously power hungry. Maybe this was not a false flag, perhaps Erdogan pressured the military leaders who were in jeopardy of being a part of Erdogan's next purge to act hastily. Leaving them with plans that weren't fully put together and not very good. I do think, no matter how you look at it, that this whole situation is suspiciously beneficial to Erdogan, and he has a history of purging people critical of him. What really scares me about this is the Western support for Erdogan. He's democratically elected , but he's usurping power and silencing critics and he exists as more of a dictator than an elected official. He's been working hard to remove any obstacles to him being a dictator. He has the media under his control, can safely ignore the checks and balances in the government, and now he doesn't have to worry about the military.

The end result is that Erdogan gets to remove people who oppose him while being cheered by Western leaders like Obama and the Clintons. A situation like that doesn't just fall on your lap as a leader of a country.