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costing less lives than lightning strikes.

Well that's a pretty obvious lie. In the US lightning kills 40-50 people/year. So the Orlando alone attack matches that, then tack on San Bernardino from 8 months ago and you've exceeded the lightning death rate for the US. Hell if you roll 9/11 into your estimate, that adds another ~190 deaths/year since the event (just averaging the death count out over 16 years). So you are much more likely to die from terrorism, specifically Islamic terrorism, than lightning.

Now take France with 1/5 the population, so assuming lightning strikes are considered random (insurance companies tend to think so anyway), that's 8-10 people per year. And with this latest attack, > 200 French lives have been claimed by terror this year alone. So you're at least 2000% more likely to die from terror than from lightning in France.

Also lightning is an act of nature that is nigh impossible to control. You can control immigration if you have the mind to.


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So basically, I have a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than winning the lottery. Well that blows.

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