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This guy has a huge following. To think; if the liberals hadn't made such a huge stink about his words, I'd have probably never heard of him. Now he is my hero. To think the liberals vaulted this guy to the stratosphere of the media spotlight all by themselves. He is the product of the left, 100%. They've done this to themselves in a big way. I never thought I'd be thanking the far left for anything, but the time has come.


[–] Rummel 2 points 28 points (+30|-2) ago 

In a very satisfying turn of events, liberals and regressives are no longer useful idiots for Obama, they're now the useful idiots who are going to seal Trumps seat in the white house


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Screw just a ban on Muslim immigration as Trump suggested, ban these turd world "leaders" from having a say in our economy. This goes both ways, I don't want our country taking anymore of their blood oil.

Your government wants to act medieval, enjoy a medieval economy.


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Damn that's a big-ass mole he's got. No wonder he's salty, I'd be salty looking like that, too.


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Alwaleed, who serves as majority owner and chairman of the Kingdom Holding Company, is also a significant investor in News Corp, Citigroup, and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Want him to disappear? Devalue these stocks. Twitter was already a shitty investment.


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Meanwhile Maher has been saying the rise of Trump and the apt-Right has nothing to do with the BS on the left, and that's it's just a bunch of racists.


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And to think, I only heard about this guy because of the liberal riots at that one "college".