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No one cares about LGBT 1% of the population go suck a dick or whatever and leave the government to do better things with all of our time. You have the same protection as every American. Whiny little bitches. WHO THE FUCK CARES!?


[–] MrEvilPirate 4 points 22 points (+26|-4) ago 

More like 1% of 1%. Nothing to see here folks, just another example of the left asking the 99.9% to grab their ankles to placate the fee fees of an extreme minority. None of this shit should even matter as long as you can do your job effectively. This would just give fucking losers an excuse "oh they're violating my rights" when they suck at their job and the owner of the business wants to can them.

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You have the same protection as every American

Um, NO, they do not. That is what this is all about, or did you not bother to read the article? House republicans just voted to NOT give them the same protections as the rest of Americans.


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Explain it to me why people protected in the same ways as other Americans (LGBT) need special laws based on their sex and gender.

Edit: Bueller? Hello? No logical answer because there is none? LMAO


[–] christy 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago

Federal contracts already have a company sign the equal opportunity forms saying that they do not discriminate.

Honestly, I believe that the bill being passed was going to be a stepping stone for making it a requirement for Federal Contracts to have a certain percentage of workers or total contract value go to LGBT people or companies. There are already requirements for women, minorities, disabled, and veterans.