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Hillary Clinton is married to a scumbag that hangs around Pedophiles and i would bet money that Bill is a Pedophile .


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Yeah, he hates women so much that he made Kate Steinle's murder by an illegal an issue in his campaign.

He hates women so much he talked all about Rotherham, Cologne and Malmo on the Jimmy Fallon show and told him to lock up his daughters to protect him from rapeugees.

He hates women so much that Ivanka is the highest ranking female executive in the Trump Organization.

He hates women so much that country-music legend Loretta Lynn endorsed him.

Meanwhile, Hillary dismissed the victims of her husband's career of sexual harassment and office power games as "bimbos" just so she could elevate her own career.

Hillary supports opening the borders to Muslim savages like the ones who raped European women and are continuing to rape European women.

Hillary is BFFs with Lena Dunham, a child molester who admitted proudly to years of sexual abuse against her younger sister.

Hillary's "foundation" accepted billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, which sanctions the execution of women for ridiculous things like showing a millimeter of hair or renouncing Islam.

Who's really the anti-woman candidate here? Hillary, married to an abuser who swims in Saudi money and wants American women to face the same fate as their European counterparts, or Trump, who remains on friendly terms with his exes, is incredibly protective and supporting of his daughter, and who promotes policies that would protect women from violent crime and terrorism -- including rape?

I think the choice is clear. Only Trump Has the Balls to Protect Women.


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Haaaaaah. Like this will hold an ounce of water compared to Hillary defending child rapists. Also lel for posting from salon.


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Salon in garbage and so is this hit piece.


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If you don't treat women like objects that exist to satisfy your cock, they'll use you for your resources, get bored and look for a stronger man to fuck.


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I don't think this line of attack can work. There are too many women who have worked with him and said it was no problem.

When are we as a society going to stop tolerating frivolous accusations of sexism and/or abuse?