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What else did the EU expect? There's no way to enforce those fines.


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Yes there is, they receive much more from the EU than they pay. The EU can simply deduct the fines from the continuous flow of money to Slovakia. Just like the rest of the Visegrad group they sold their soul to the EU, and by extension Germany, by accepting their money. Their leaders anti-immigrant rhetoric is for keeping up appearances in their own country, but make no mistake, as long as they get billions from the EU each year, they're Germany's bitch.

Keep in mind this whole fine thing is a proposal. It won't be approved.


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they receive much more from the EU than they pay.

This doesn't make them anyone's bitch in fact it's a fairly standard form of interstate cooperation older than any European civilization


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My favorite headline on Voat so far



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People in Europe, people in America, have suffered, died, and had they're personal world wrecked so that we can and can continue to have stable and peaceful societies. I say good on Slovakia for understanding that their sovereignty and dignity as a country and a culture of people is not to be undermined by politics and "bleeding heart" policies. They've bleed plenty for what they have. The blood of their sons and daughters painted the flag they wave. They've earned the right to refuse people.


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I agree with your statement, and you have said it very well. I don't understand why the rest of Europe doesn't immediately recognise the value of this attitude. Even the bleeding hearts must see by now that they have a tiger by the tail...


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Absolutely, and I honestly do feel bad for Europe and the immigration problems they are having. From an American perspective, I know it's a tough road walk, and the fact of the matter is that it's only worked for us because we've brutally oppressed and demanded conformity from pretty much every group of immigrants that have ever come here. I hate to see proud European countries bending over backwards for people that are essentially using the entire continent as a hotel. It shouldn't be that way. You don't go into someone else's home and demand they conform. You take off your shoes, abide by their rules, and thank them for the hospitality that they didn't owe to you in the first place.

I'm ranting now :) I'll stop


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Slovakia doesnt give a fuck.

Slovakia has realist views.

Be more like Slovakia.


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I know the expression "based" pisses a lot of people off, but it honestly makes me smile and laugh every time I see used correctly.


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What exactly does it mean?


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It was an evolution from the term "biased". Those who were accused of being biased, by people who used it in an attempt to guilt shame individuals to join the current group-think trend, turned it into "based". It is now used as a badge of pride for the sane, and men who still have testicles.


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It means you can fuck my bitch.


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I really don't get it either. Sounds so childish.


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Quick, send Obama over to guilt trip them


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Globalist Emergency!


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This is the actual title of the article - True Story

Also, 300k per head? That's insane, how do they expect people to pay that. "Take these people you can't afford or pay a multi million fine you can't afford." Uh, how about neither, broheim.


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Freedom and Solidarity leader and MEP Richard Sulik harbours the conviction that imposing fines on EU members over the fact that they respect the will of their own people represents an egregious violation of any cohabitation and rules in general.

This. The EU is essentially telling these countries to forget the well-being, welfare, and will of the people of their country and import these "refugees" or they will be fined an enormous amount of money and have that money distributed to compliant countries. It's a blatant violation of national sovereignty but I suppose they waived their sovereignty when they joined the Eurocuck Union.

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