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It's not possible to assimilate into white American culture. If you try, you are rarely accepted as an equal or even American. Acting like a civilized human being gets you a lot of "those niggers and wetbacks think they're people, how cute..." but no one wants to admit it.

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Assimilation is not a one way thing. No matter how strong one's desire to assimilate, it is for naught if the host culture does not accept you as a full and equal member.

I hope one day, white folks will stop asking me where I learned English and how long I've been in the States, but that day has not come yet.


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I literally have never heard anyone say "look at that black guy trying to be civilized". Not even in the South. But let's throw a hypothetical out there.

Two black guys get pull over by the cops. One black guy is driving a 86 Malibu with 26" spinners, wearing a XXXL white T-shirt, blaring Fuck the Police in a car that smells of marijuana.

The second black guy is driving a Black Cadillac SUV, wearing a suit and tie, speaks politely and civil. The definition of being a functioning member of society.

Who do you think is getting pulled out of the car, searched, and questioned more thoroughly? The former. No switch both guys race to white. Now who gets searched more thoroughly? The former again.

This isn't a race issue. It's a "how big of a piece of shit are you" issue. Lower class black Americans need to quit this "everyone's trying to keep me down" mentality, because it's ironically themselves. Obey the law, find work, pay taxes, better yourself everyday, quit becoming a perpetual victim, become a functioning member of society and racism will go away.


[–] Le_Squish ago 

There's always going to be some walking stereotype drawing all the wrong attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons but that is not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the general failure of many white americans to accept and respect productive law abiding citizens that happened to be non-white, as full members of a distinctly American society.