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Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Also, notice the pattern of people performing these justified and lawful shootings then being charged and hauled in to court regardless of the law. Watch this trend carefully.

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((((they)))) want to take that baby so ((((they)))) can do pizzagate things to it

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Is there a gofundme or something, for this family? Sounds like they can use one.

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The kikes in our legal system dont like it when someone interfers with the rape and murder of goyim. She'll be punished for that.

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I would love to know which user left the downvote.

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They can downvote, but notice they didnt even try to deny it...

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After she wins her case she needs to go after the government. Maybe they'll stop if it cost them a few million dollars each time.

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".20 gauge shotgun"

Fucking MSM

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.20 gauge. What's that used for, skeet shooting against mosquitos?

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More like literal whales, actually. The smaller the number the bigger the bore, so a .20 gauge would be a few inches across shooting like five fucking pounds of lead lmao

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Handy for mice and snakes. Good to teach kids too.

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Tyrannosaurus, I think.

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Effin marijjuhanna