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I'll get the ball rolling on this one. My subscription to PIA is up in a couple of weeks and I'm searching for an alternative. As some of you may know, over the past few months PIA users have had tons of problems with disconnects and slow speeds mainly due to some kind of shortcoming with the latest drivers (v65). This issue can be solved by rolling back to v63, however security will be compromised by PIA's own admission. Additionally I was pretty disappointed in PIA's lack of server expansion. Locations and number of servers remained pretty much the same despite hundreds of requests from the community in their forums. I live in Western Europe and my mainly use VPN to bypass censorship filters and protect my identity/IP from a few snoopers. I don't consider VPNs that keep logs. I have multiple devices, meaning I require a minimum of 3 (ideally 5) devices allowed per subscription. I don't require FortKnox levels of security or encription, so long as core features such as DNS Leak protection are included. Basically I want lightning fast and very reliable servers in Europe, along with diversity across multiple continents (particularly North America and Australia).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have a great one and a Happy New Year! Peace out.

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Definitely filter the VPN Comparison Chart by your needs and threat model. Try the top 3-5 results while taking advantage of refunds and trial periods as well to find one that will work best for you. In the meantime, definitely reach out to your existing provider's support channel and see what they can do for you.

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I love your site! Thanks for the hard work!

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Do not use iPredator.

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Forgive me if I'm out of line here, but isn't the whole purpose of this thread to provide a platform for users to get recommendations for VPN services according to specific needs? I respect the fact you want to keep an unbiased approach given your status quo within the community, but on the other hand, telling people to check the chart and pick one is the equivalent of me asking for a piece of fruit and you giving me a food market catalog for me to choose one. It provides information, but I don't wanna have to try every single fruit to decide what's the best for me. I was given to understand this was a place where people could present their case and ask for recommendations based on other users good/bad experiences. The charts are helpful and insightful, but nothing works the magic like actual user feedback.

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People absolutely can weigh in here regarding your query. This is just my 2 cents, but I do understand people's needs to want a quick suggestion to make life easy. That said, I don't think asking users to do some research and try a few services is out of line.

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I did partially ask for a yes/no answer in my first post, but my second was general methodology/meaning questions. No mention of any one VPN. No response. I also recognozed (before your reply to kiy0) that I'll be doing most of the legwork. So I agree 100% on that. It's just that once you've read 'Depends on your needs' more than once, you start wondering what the point is. Should I start a separate thread?

In your reviews you give very specific opinions, but here..... I think we're a bit confused. You have so much to offer.

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My sub to IPVanish just ran out - first time naive VPN user - and thanks to your work will definitely be moving on. I like IVPN, but with no servers even remotely close to me, I have to rule it out. Looking at your chart, VPN Secure appears to be a good choice, but being in a Five Eyes country it doesn't meet the Privacy Tools IO criteria. It's at least not in the US or UK, but..... How high on the list does that factor in for you when reviewing the privacy potential of a VPN?. I don't really have anything to hide, but privacy is a major factor for me as I just plain abhor the idea that it's allowed to be legally (or illegally) invaded. Can a VPN exist in one of these countries and still maintain your privacy, or are they instant no's for someone like me? I'm obviously no expert, but it seems that if there's literally nothing to hand over, it can still be safe. Can, not will. I do realize that there are no 100% guarantees, even in countries not part of such collaborations.

Basically I need access to 1 or more servers in my country, with privacy the other big factor. Speed is important, but I will compromise to a certain point. Getting around Geo-blocking is next on the list. I've relied entirely on Usenet to now, but am considering at least a Netflix sub soon. Thanks in advance for any advice/direction. Or if I'm asking too much =).

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Hey, its really dependent on your needs and threat model. If you filter it down to your top 3-5 services, you can then try them out to see which have the best speeds and server locations. To be unbiased, I don't give direct recommendations however. Best of luck!

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I get you don't want to make recommendations. I respect that. That, the wealth of information, the data pool. It's why I've spent many hours on your site in just a couple of days. There's always more to learn and understand though. I should have left the last paragraph out. I wasn't asking you to choose, but I can see how it may have seemed like that.

I'll just stick to the main point, and give you a primary need and threat model. Privacy, but low threat. So, the 'Eyes' countries. Rule them out immediately, or if still consider them if they meet the criteria in question?

I know you have to give broad answers to 'which VPN should I choose?', but you have a mind full of information few of us possess. I'm a little unsure how you determine some of the details, and/or exactly what they mean. Like full disclosure, or how you figure out if they use 1st or 3rd party dns servers for example. Do you use tools/services, and how much of it is simply questioning support? I know I'll ultimately be the one doing the legwork, I was just hoping to tap in to your mind a little, and help get things going here as well. Cheers

Edit : Sorry about the incomplete post before. Editing error.