Showing users banned by moderators for subverse: pizzagayte

User Name Description Created By Created
MightyYet_SaneGoat Rule Violation: Spam Dfens 4 months ago
MadWorld Rule Violation: Dox; Description: Outed hiimself as a pedophile linked to website threatening to kill mod's mother ran by pedophiles /v/realProtectVoat/2538797/12964094 hojuruku 6 months ago
Skyrock Rule Violation: Spam; Description: Proven pedophile who links to CP website kiwifarms pedophilia normalization activism website spamming hojuruku 7 months ago
Vindicator Rule Violation: Spam; Description: overt pedophiles who tell fathers they can't name the convicted pedo that took their first born or any other /v/pizzagatemod (the problem) will not be tolerated here. hojuruku 7 months ago
noonereally Rule Violation: Dox; Description: strayzie alt that links to CP websites, and reposts images from proven pedophle Garry Burns page to stalk / dox hojuruku 7 months ago