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How the fuck is something as retarded as getting yourself Saran wrapped mistaken for open minded or edgy. Oh wait, it's only that to poseurs that are afraid of being outed as provincially minded pinheads.

"It's an impressive testament to Hollywood open-mindedness that none of these pursuits has ever bothered Ari Emanuel or any of Chasey's other powerful bosses at WME"

Nobody gives a fuck about Chasey's toenail clipping schedule either. His bosses are fucked up soulless ghouls, because there's no reason for people to be using discussions of their sexual proclivities to get attention.

Sticking your dick in a vacuum nozzle isn't open minded either, it's just as stupid as those idiots though. No wait, it's less stupid, much less humiliating too I'm sure.

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Man... if you think the average college campus infected with Leftys, its nothing compared to the average BDSM scene.

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Surprisingly I have no sympathy.

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Credit to @MeatballPizza.