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https://archive.fo/fsDiV :

HHS Official Called John Podesta a Pedophile and Claimed Liberals Abuse Children in Satanic Rituals | Mediaite

'Her tweets include smearing former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta as “a pedophile,” accusing Democrats of hosting “Pedophile dinners,” and claiming liberals abuse children during satanic rituals. '

'Or playing dominoes? #PizzaGate,” Barreto tweeted in late November 2016. '

'The Department of Health and Human Services is tasked with implementing health and welfare-related programs. '

'Additionally, she spoke at length about Pizzagate in a Periscope video, as detailed by the Media Matters report. '

'The Department of Health and Human Services and Barreto were contacted repeatedly via email and phone for comment, but did not respond. '

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Credit to @ElementalPee for spotting this one.