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America and the world's resources are being confiscated and controlled by an Evil Agenda and corrupt puppets.

Sister Cities is no different than Art in Embassies, public-private partnerships, and other covers for global criminal corruption.

Scott Walker is part of the Marquette Mafia and GOP corruption working hand-in-hand with both the DNC and RNC to destroy America, human rights, and implement the New Word Order for Global Enslavement.

Wisconsin is hiding The Truth and the World's biggest secret.

What is the art of The Deal? What is The Biggest Deal that Trump has made as President? Who was The Deal made with? What is The Deal for? What is the bigger Agenda involved? What do the Kochs, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Reince Priebus, Tammy Baldwin and others involved know about The Deal?

What is The Truth they cannot allow the World to know?

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I see corruption on every level in Wisconsin they are an Isisl state/nwo agenda 2030.

Racine is small, they are the test model for the evil agenda. Their location to the lakes and the corruptability of its gov makes it perfect to the evil agenda .

Can you give more clues/ links?

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Anyone that has ties to Charles and David Koch scares me. Walker's constantly trying to bring foreign companies into Wisc. is not my cup of tea. I do not approve of our country letting so much foreign investment in our states and the latest deal with Fox Con is an example. What is wrong with helping businesses develop jobs in our states and stop making other countries rich? The companies that he and others in other states are partnering with will only make money for them not for any of us. Walker has no college education or real experience in govt. before running for office. He is backed by bad actors to do exactly what he is doing. We know that those that are at the head of our state govts. have been put there by tptb. So yes, Walker is one of THEM. I also think what he is pushing with Japan and Korea will only help the organ harvesting and trafficking become even more profitable. Result: More dirty money in Walker's pockets.

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Walker put up northern Wisconsins pristine environment Up for sale and waived regulations ..... Nwo minerals are the next currency

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I like Scott Walker, although he veers to the left at times. I think he is a practical man and this is made clear with him doing business with the South-Koreans and Japanese and seeking to get their backing for his campaign. I don't see how South-Korea and the Japanese are going to really boost our corporate sector and especially making our economy more self-sufficient.

I think its a counter-point to having such dependency on China's economy and the fact we need to counter their presence in the region, which is important, but ultimately we should keep China out of our economy and be able to produce the goods and products that China supplies us with and then start supplying South-Korea and Japan that way and also depending on them to build up our technological industry.

This will not necessarily be enough to build up our economy, which will require freeing up Europe's economies and sort of turning other parts of Latin America, especially in Central America and parts of the Southern Cone of South America into quasi-Banana Republics.

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This Japanese effort is not sincere. There are nefarious efforts/thoughts behind it. Look up Scott walkers scandals. He is incompetent at the least . He is absolutely their puppet. Wisconsin is under agenda 2030 rule ......

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I used to like Walker, until I read more about him. He is a shill to be exact. He is proof that the right has headed in the direction of the left. This is undoubtable. I fear that after Trump we will retrograde to a "norm" that will give the left an upper hand.