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Yeah, Doyle Mills. I will never forget the little sleeping girl he had on his Instagram. It was so closeup you could see her breathing. It was creepy. Just like him. The naked little boy on his lap was another one.

Not sure what that is supposed to mean.

I think he is toying running for office. FREAK! He is bolstered by those crazies that have come out lately. The pedos. Running for office. This should scare the HE77 out of everyone.

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If he runs for office, I'll start a PAC to donate to his opponent.

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I know you will. These pedos are really getting nervy. We may have more of them trying to run.

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EDIT: Here he is mocking Operation Snow White. https://imgur.com/a/VRSOYtZ I found this on Why We Protest, I think. Some Anonymous person posted it a long long time ago. Pretty arrogant and obnoxious

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