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I looked up the song's lyrics, "Barbie's on the barbecue." Telling about human sacrifice? Song was written by the hit factory who do a lot of stuff for the beta sex kittens. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/inside-the-song-machine-the-secrets-behind-pop-music-s-biggest-hits-1.2444984

Did a google search of 'sandberg gottwald songs' - "The dark side of pop" https://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/nov/04/john-seabrook-song-machine-review-pop-music

Sandberg goes by the stage name Max Martin https://www.vox.com/2015/10/7/9465815/max-martin-john-seabrook

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Wow that is freakin disgusting. Barbie's on the barbecue? I have heard this song a billion times, and I've seen the video dozens of times. And I never even contemplated that but now that you mention it, I always wondered what it meant when that line played.

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Katy Perry is a revolting programmed robot, she makes me sick 🤮 Her & all the rest of the Pedo-wood devils! - I agree, her music is super catchy.. but like most of you once I woke up I disavowed all TV, movies & all mainstream music. The upside is I have a lot more free time on my hands now, Lol. - I listen to Christian music now instead. - Katy Perry is absolutely disgusting. I'd really love to know what Corey Feldman was doing in that video 😐🤔 Those reverse speech videos are beyond creepy! Hillary is filled demons.. she should just call herself "Legion" (for we are many!) Uhhh she is evil!!

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I agree

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I just listened to this song today. I can't stand her but I kinda like that song (I know, I suck)! I had no idea Corey Feldman was in the video! That's just weird!

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I used to really like her! Her music is so catchy. After I learned more about her I was done, same with Taylor Swift. It's sad. My husband used to turn on Katy Perry and Taylor Swift videos for the toddlers and they would always calm down. I used to do that for my oldest when he was a baby but with the white stripes. Now I ban all three at all times. The Illuminati awareness experience I went through has ruined music for me.

Which reminds me, I don't get why so many republicans were flashing the 666 hand sign all through the last few years, and putting it in all the Pepe and Kek memes. Always bugged me.

If you ever get really bored, check out some of the back masking and reverse voice interpretation videos on YouTube. Those always freak me out. I listened to a few before the election comparing the voice reversals of Clinton vs. Trump and that was one thing that got me to vote for Trump over abstaining from voting. When they played his speeches backwards his words were always innocent unlike Clinton whose words were always creepy and Satanic backwards. They say your true intentions are revealed through the voice reversals and it exposes demons that may be trying to speak through you in the spiritual dimension if any are there. Some people think it's B.S. but I am not sure.

Obama saying Yes We Can is some kind of Hail Satan backwards. Even Dora the Explorer has Hail Satan when you play it backwards. You can download a voice reverser app to test it out yourself on Google play.

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Oh wow that's creepy! I have heard about that before with songs and even some Disney stuff!