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Do a google image search 'Tony Podesta art', and let them know that Hillary and Bill and all the other leading Democrats used to hang out with a guy that collects art of tortured and dead children, and cp photographs (pardon, 'art'), and nobody of them took offence.

Also, there is a photo on the internet (you also might want to use google image search) of Bill Clinton in a pool with his buddies Epstein (convicted pedophile), George Nader (convicted pedophile, worked for the Clinton administration), and said Dem lobbyist Tony Podesta.

Showing them this stuff ususally works great!! :-) Ask them why BC would hang out with two convicted pedos, plus a guy collecting pedo art. Makes no sense, does it? Oh, wait a minute....

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Dont forget 26 trips on the pedophile owned lolita express. So he can 12 miles offshore quicker where there are no laws.

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Idiot friends and family only watch the news to learn what to say to other idiot friends and family that won't make them look like a conspiracy theorist, but will make them look like part of the mainstream.

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What a scoop it would be! 2020 would have a special.

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"Of course I'm not a Satanic baby raping cannibal, I'm a wonderful woman who deserves to be President, if it wasn't for the fake news media and all those deplorable.... P.S. pay no attention to the baby body parts order form sitting on my dinner table."

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tell them pizzagate is just a call for public to return to debating news peer to peer and public awareness that mkultra is still alive, child-snuff-rings need to be busted and especially the people who fund them. if you would like more info from me personnally just ask.

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how do you block subs again?

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Same way you block users. Click