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Ending poverty? like suicide poverty? two times in the back of the head, end them?

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its just a lie they tell while their actions actually increase poverty in places like CA.

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The New World Order and the Talmud http://www.talmudblasphemy.com/talmud_nwo.html

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I don' t have an explanation, but a suggestion - study the Georgia Guidestones.

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Yes yes and yes I keep reading that in order for the NWO........... We have to end poverty. So you are saying that’s only rhetoric???

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Communists have always promised to end poverty. It's always been a lie. The New World Order is basically worldwide communism, ruled over by a massively wealthy and powerful elite that is led and largely composed of Ashkenazi Jews. They will promise you anything, because they have no intention of even trying to make good on their promises.

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It doesn't. Because it won't. Everyone will be poor.