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She was arrested (above) along with several unnamed Israelis who are believed to be the network's ringleaders

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(((They))) never stopped being slavers.

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It's a problem.

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https://archive.fo/fcCqP :

Child prostitution ring where girls were branded with tattoos by their 'owners' is smashed | Daily Mail Online

"A child prostitution ring where more than 250 underage girls were branded with tattoos by their 'owners' has been broken up after dramatic raids.", "The Attorney General's Office said Campos Puello used her contacts to organise events they girls were forced to go to."

'But when the girls arrived in Cartagena, they were stripped of their documents and belongings and forced into prostitution. '

'Campos Puello was allegedly responsible for finding the girls from the poor neighbourhoods in Colombia and Venezuela. '

'Police arrested 18 people after the girls were lured into coming the Colombian resort of Cartagena under the pretence of working as models there. '

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The police will not stand for any competition!!!

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I did some background research on this. Very interesting.

The one Israeli citizen that got named by police has quite a history.

He's an ex-soldier of the Israeli army, and started as a street vendor on a market in Japan. I assume that he, like so many, Israelis who have completed their army service, travelled the world as a backpacker.

On the Japanese market, he bullied other backpackers who tried to establish a small business, and took control over them.

Then he went on to sell drugs, and got involved with the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia). He was arrested in 2003 in Europe, at this time, he already was the head of an international drug trafficking ring.

At some point, he moved to Colombia, fathered three children, and bought houses in different South American states, only to convert them to hostels where he sold drugs, prostitutes - and children - to fellow Israelis.

He surrounded himself with other ex-Israeli soldiers, and had a heavily armed entourage (which you probably need in Colombia, considering the state of affairs in this country).

In 2017, he had to leave Colombia due to his child trafficking activities. Please note: He didn't go to jail there, not even a trial was started. Which begs the question whether he might have been connected to Mossad.

Of course he didn't stop his involvement in the trafficking business, so that he got busted again now. So I wonder who is the real head of this trafficking gang - the arrested woman, or Assi Ben-Mosh, the Israeli with a long history of drug and child trafficking?

The woman's role obviously was to select the victims for wealthy customers who ordered them for parties on their yachts and other premises.

On a photo that some newsoutlets showed, a buddy of Assi Ben-Mosh makes the 'devil's' hand sign.

Oh, and of course, he set up a foundation for children in need..... /s

The woman called 'Madame' has a history of drug smuggling to the US; maybe she was a victim when she was younger, and forced to smuggle drugs (like so many other girls/women), and later rose in the hierachy of the gang.

Of course, local policemen were involved....

What I didn't know was that drug smuggling seems to be rampant among young Israeli backpackers.

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Yes, I think it would be worth posting to v/pizzagate.

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Thanks, @shewhomustbeobeyed - would you consider crossposting to v/pizzagate?

Just copypaste the link into the submission sheet, and write one or two sentences as a short description of the link.

Thank you! :-)

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I posted it in the sub I wished to.

As I am not jealous by nature anyone who wishes to post this link someplace else is not going to offend me. If you don't want me to post in this sub just say so, that won't offend me either.

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If you don't want me to post in this sub just say so, that won't offend me either.

No, in fact I thought it was great that you were posting here. :-)

I put the article on my laundry list.... Thank you! :-)

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"Among those detained was the alleged 'Madame' of the operation - Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello - and several unnamed Israelis who are believed to be the network's ringleaders."

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When will they smash the muslim pedophile gangs?

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when will they stop bringing them in by the millions.