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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=wdHZyetkQGA :

Laura Huxley speaks about Aldous Huxley and psychedelic experiences - YouTube

http://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=RBxQpft5F_k :

ARK Schools, Academies and eugenics. The John Adam St Gang. - YouTube

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Interesting, thanks.

But I don't believe that Fromm was on the dark side. Even although Maccoby was one of his students.

Imo it's just a rumour that popped up on one or two internet blogs.

In fact, Fromm wrote some good stuff about the nature of sadism and fascism, love, and being truly human.

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One of the difficulties in revisiting history is maintaining perspective. One thing I'm learning is that when we see great philosophers, scientists, etc mentioned in our research, it does not mean that all those people were evil or on the 'dark side'. What seems to happen is that some may have had an interest in the occult (that can mean good things too) and/or their teachings/discoveries were used by others for nefarious purposes and through no fault of their own.

One example is Einstein- I know from my own research he had some very interesting friends. Do I believe he was evil? No.


Our universities, the cradle of our technological and intellectual future, have become overwhelmed by Comintern-style New Age "Political Correctness." With the collapse of the Soviet Union, our campuses now represent the largest concentration of Marxist dogma in the world.

Adorno was younger than Benjamin, and as aggressive as the older man was passive. Born Teodoro Wiesengrund-Adorno to a Corsican family, he was taught the piano at an early age by an aunt who lived with the family and had been the concert accompanist to the international opera star Adelina Patti. It was generally thought that Theodor would become a professional musician, and he studied with Bernard Sekles, Paul Hindemith's teacher. However, in 1918, while still a gymnasium student, Adorno met Siegfried Kracauer. Kracauer was part of a Kantian-Zionist salon which met at the house of Rabbi Nehemiah Nobel in Frankfurt; other members of the Nobel circle included philosopher Martin Buber, writer Franz Rosenzweig, and two students, Leo Lowenthal and Erich Fromm. Kracauer, Lowenthal, and Fromm would join the I.S.R. two decades later. Adorno engaged Kracauer to tutor him in the philosophy of Kant; Kracauer also introduced him to the writings of Lukacs and to Walter Benjamin, who was around the Nobel clique.

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Yes, thank you for pointing this out. Some seem to slam Fromm because he was from the Frankfurt school circles, 'guilty by association'.

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