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Ive had a file on him for many months since I visited the SPiN Ping Pong bar in his LA hotel.

Andre Balasz is a hotelier linked elsewhere in PG-land -- by me if no one else yet -- to that fat lesbian who makes the weird hipster hotels in Marfa, TX, Liz Lambert. His mom was a psychoanalyst (in case you had doubt about his name being Jewish) and he was in something called Quill & Dagger at Cornell.

Balasz seems to be an Illuminati celeb fixer, as this list of names mentioned in articles about him includes these PG figures:

Pedophile Stephen Fry, Jay-Z, Depp, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Lindsey Lohan, and he used to bang Naomi Campbell (who in PG hasn't? She must be a “top model” MK sex kitten), Chelsea Handler (Hillary footsoldier)

And he nearly married MK slave Uma Thurman (who subsequently got engaged to Arpad Busson of ARK/Dutroux fame. Bussons aunt was a follower of Timothy Leary, who in the early 60s was actually married to Uma Thurmans mom) and most recently siring a child at age 60 with 30 y/o BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY member Cosima Vesey, who is descended from a depressed bisexual loser called “1st Earl of Snowdon” who had a kids charity with billionaire Evlyn Rothschild. This man's son, the 2nd Earl of Snowden and cousin of Cosima Vesey's father, is known professionally as David Linley, chairman of Christie's, the world's biggest private auction house. Balazs collects art of course and Christie’s owns a huge art storage facility in NYC and one in the UK exempted by the Crown from VAT/import and, I hazard to speculate, inspection. Currently he has been given the Uma model yet again and they are “dating” according to Wikipedia.

The NYC Standard literally encourages guests to have sex in front of the windows overlooking the park as some sort of gimmick. Even their logo is a joke about overturning social standards (the word Standard upside-down).

I have tons of research, but alas I have been labeled "shill" merely for having an opinion that differs as to who's TPTB. Usually differing opinions are tolerated: only when Jews are accused of something is it automatically beyond the pale. Are you aware the origin of that expression is the Pale of Settlement beyond which Jews could not reside in Russia. Seems like a big policy to implement for no reason whatsoever. You peoples' inability to break the brainwashing of the Myth of Jewish Persecution truly burdens this investigation, and my marginalization is merely one example.