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Seems that everyone is talking about the last Pope [Malachy prophecies] and the ‘Black Pope’ [Nostrodamus prophecies] but after scouring the internet, no one has made the connection between the new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the prophecies of Gog and Magog from the bible. The new Pope even has the word, ‘Gog’ in the middle of his surname! [‘Google’ also contains the word, Gog and ‘Yahoo’ means a beast masquerading as a hue-man..not too dissimilar to Yahu as in, Neten-yahoo] 

There is no such thing as coincidences and even more so regarding the parasitic elite who are fanatical when it comes to gemantria or word magick, rituals and casting spells/spelling/go-spells. They are sorcerers who control the matrix by manipulating energy and frequencies.

Gog and Magog are basically one or two Nephilim bloodlines from the Caucasus Mountains which forms a natural border between Russia and Asia. Other names for 'Nephilim' in the bible include; giants/men-of-old/men-of-fame/sons-of-god/watchers/mighty-men/fallen-angels. Later, they became known as faerie/shining-ones/Druids/Elves/Yahoo/cannibal/demons/reptilian/Annunaki. All of these words are interchangeable and used to describe the same bloodlines of Nephilim origin. The prophecies of Gog and Magog or Gog of Magog are related to end-times when they will return during a final war related to the Nephilim.

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Yes. The Nephelim are the Asskenazi/Druids/ bloodlines. They were created when the fallen angels mated with Gods creation, the daughters of men. They were the Giants think Goliath.

They were the wicked in Sodom & Gomorrah that God destroyed in a flash. They were sacrificing children to Baal and involved in rape & incest.

Noah was the only one found righteous. His bloodline represented the Adamic line. God sent the floods to destroy the Nephim or serpent bloodlines.

After the flood the earth began to populate again through Noah's sons. There is reason to believe the serpent bloodline was reintroduced through the one of Noah's sons wives. They became the Khazars/Ashkenazi who created Babylonia Talmudism. They migrated throughout Europe and gained great wealth. The Roths are AshkeNAZI. They became the Nazi's and attempted to slaughter all genectic Jews of the children of Israel....they are also the Jesuits or team up with them. The serpent bloodline is all of the Royal Families throughout Europe, Germany, and some in the US. The windsors are not windsors.

You can see the outward expression of this bloodline through the coloboma. The Sigurd mark or snake in the eye. That is why so many elite have it and they take and Crete these children.

They consider themselves and their bloodline as all powerful and will have the earth to themselves. That is written in Genesis.

They created Israel not for Jews but to corral genectic Jews for the eventual slaughter. It is nothing more than a large concentration camp to them. So are we.

The Pope is one of them. Pope Francis is Luceferian as are all the elite.

This is the final battle before judgement. Gog & Magog. They are planning to usher in the World leader who will be the Anti-Christ. He will fool many with promises of peace and stability. There will be a Sunday law passed by the Pope and others to bring all religions together. There is a mark that you will have to get to buy & sell. Which is to eat or starve.

The fallen angels are still here. God bound them in chains until the day of judgement.

Many people will say these are ETIs or Aliens like John Podesta and push for disclosure to cover up their evil but they genuinely believe you have to kill a soul to become God.

That is why the serpent bloodline kills children and tries to influence others to their club. It is a soul battle and whether you like it or not we are in the final stages.

If you wonder where the fallen angels are chained think about the one place on the planet no one is allowed to go but elites went last year at great peril... Where was John Kerry on Election Day..

The end will come when the earth is as in the days of Noah...child sacrifice, Baal worship, sexual perversion, bestiality, etc

The end will come sharp and abrupt and many will be eating & drinking and marrying & planning.

Right before this time there will be birth pains, wars & rumors of war, famine, death, earthquakes, fires, and all will quicken.

Then as a thief in the night the Lord will return for his children...

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might be Ephraim

The Book of Revelation (7:4–8), mentions that people from the twelve tribes of Israel will be sealed. The selection of the twelve tribes does not include the names of Ephraim and Dan, although their names were used for the twelve tribes that settled in the Promised Land. It has been suggested that this could be because of their pagan practices

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not sure, would have to look further

lost all my Favs with an upgrade, so when looking and trying to get them back, I found this

so much info here, will keep your question in mind as I continue to research

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Thanx for the ping. I'll give it a read. You can throw the Jesuits in the pile with these folks too.

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Correct, see our comment above about the Marquette mafia, one of 28 such institutions in the U.S. (and a couple in Canada).

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when you look through this you'll find it all