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You theory has merit.

My theory was this was a distraction to deflect for the Las Vegas lies and cover up.

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If this was true, DeNiro would be suffering some kind of scandal

The fact that news outlets in the pocket of the NWO are publishing this stuff, all these people coming out to either accuse or cover their own asses, are part of the so call Hollywood Elite, Tells me this is one hell of a smear campaign

you are right to question it

They are slamming us with stuff to cover up something

I believe Weinstein pissed someone off big time and they are using this as a distraction

a magicians trick, watch this illusion hand while the other hand is the trick

read something about voat not taking a post down without a warrant, and have been asking myself what was coming out that all these diversions started being rammed down our throats taking our attention elsewhere

Are we being played?

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I've seen a number of comments / and maybe a thread too on Voat re: DeNiro being a pedo, but haven't seen any evidence. I was surprised to see his name come up as often as it did - he was singled out in Judge Pirro's tirade. If not at center of scandal, he's definitely being singled out alongside Weinstein.

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will have to look that up

since looking up all the people who received a Medal of Freedom awards, I been thinking most if not all are involved

haven't seen DeNiro brought up with Weinstein

and as I have said, at least Tarantino came out and said something

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Big Pharma and the US government are the same people.

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Agree with this.

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I see Big Pharma owning Gov't players but not necessarily the same. A good read : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.globalresearch.ca/the-evils-of-big-pharma-exposed/5425382/amp

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Vax issue is too obvious...

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but an always important + profitable one.