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From what I can tell, it digresses into a petty smear campaign against the "vigilantes".


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Not so much. See here's what really is going on and why you shouldn't fall for it. First these wannabe cyber warriors create a 18+ profile on a dating site/craigslist/backpage/fetish website some of which they are pretending to be an adult into stuff like ageplay. Given that they are already pretending to be an adult first without any real children involved this actually makes what they are doing extremely easy and once they have someone engaged in conversation the next step is even easier for them. You see the key part about the websites that they use to "catch a predator on" are all 18+ or 19+(some 21+) with really strict moderation about underage or creepy users. Some sites like okcupid actually prevent older people from messaging 18 year old's because of this. There's not like an actual child on a website like Facebook with perverts talking to them fallowed by these vigilante's getting a report. That's when the police get involved.

They first bait lonely men(you don't see the top 10% of the dating pool in these) who are so desperate to get laid that they are willing to meet up with a 15 year old that pretends to be an adult. These "predators" don't have a very high social status or sexual market value you see, so it's not like they are even capable of wooing someone in their league let along be suave enough to be a sexual predator. But if you're pretending to be a naive 18 year old who will converse with them online when they've already spent exhaustive amounts of time not getting replies from anyone else it's really really fucking easy to trick these guys into meeting you. The bait and switch is also a really bad way to actually find someone who's looking to abuse children. Firstly most pedophiles hide their sexuality or only abuse family. My department found that most if not all child porn cases involve incestual relationships. You aren't going to find them posting an ad on craigslist looking to hook up with a 9 year old. It just doesn't happen that way. The mid-level sicko's will go looking for illegal porn, some might fly to other countries, and the high level ones use their position's of power to get access to kids. They don't go advertising online. And the ones stupid enough to actually lure children on social media get reported to US. Bait and switch tactics like this yield very little if anything beyond socially inept men who are just desperate losers.