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Memo to Media Matters: Kevin Jennings knew of Harry Hay’s NAMBLA connections · zomblog

'Which means that a full three years before he gave his speech praising Harry Hay, Jennings again knew of Hay’s defense of NAMBLA.Kevin Jennings was praising the admirable side of Harry Hay, not the reprehensible side of Harry Hay. '

'The only conclusion one can reach from this is that by 1997 Kevin Jennings knew of Harry Hay’s involvement with NAMBLA — yet praised him anyway. '

'Even if Kevin Jennings only praised Harry Hay for his earlier activism, it’s still a major public relations blunder. '

'Why are you taking actions that will damage Kevin Jennings’ career and get the Obama administration entangled in an embarrassing scandal?'

'Furthermore, your defense of Jennings is so weak, and so easily debunked, that you have now put your own reputation on the line, not just Kevin Jennings’. '

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Media Matters, ran by James Alefantis' ex lover David Brock, viciously came to the defense of Obama's safe schools czar Kevin Jennings back in 2009, amidst accusations of misconduct between Jennings and a young male student, as well as Jennings' admitting admiration for early NAMBLA activist Harry Hays.