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Pedo de nero

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Robert De Negro

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Pedo De Negro

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I would like to see those court records. I would be surprised if anyone could be involved in something like that and not get prison time. I'm not saying that I think it's below him but it never would have went to court in the first place if they we're just going to give him a pass.

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It was in France. Prostitution is legal there, but pimping and procuring is not. He was questioned for nine hours, but not charged.

Plenty of articles to be found in your favourite search engine (though I didn't search for the court records). For example, here is one of De Niro's own lawyer complaining about him being detained for questioning: Cops grill De Niro on prostitution ring.

It would also be more accurate to describe the prostitution ring as targetting middle east clients rather than hollywood. From the articles I looked at, the youngest girls were claimed to be 15, which is considered old enough in France to consent (to sex, maybe not to prostitution).

Still creepy as fuck to be a client of a prostitution ring that specialises in girls of that age.

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Thanks for the insight

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Voat needs to get better with citations

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He did, but allegedly a judge was going to find a way to send him to prison anyway so he skipped the country and because the courts technically sentenced him already and he served that extremely lenient sentence, countries don't want to deport him back to the US because of fears of double jeopardy. It was a major fuckup of ineptitude/corruption.

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He's driven by the bitterness of his children not looking like him.

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Robert De Chomo.