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I need your help exposing this https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1700438

Can it be posted to pizzagateshills? I posted it over at r/conspiracy on reddit but it was shadow-banned immediately.

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I can confirm from lurking in their chat rooms that many of them are MSM in-training.

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I would love to know more about this. Titus Frost seems like one of the least credible seekers of truth I've seen try to promote himself into ecelebrity, just so much hypocrisy and patting himself on the back for someone supposedly concerned with higher values and holding authority accountable for justice. The whole Steemit pizza/pedogate community seems suspect to me too just cuz of his stuff always being at the top

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Seal of approval from me. Thanks for outing yourself.

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Man fuck all of you, really. Fucking so tired of hearing the label, "shill."

Fuck your fucking drama.

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One of the biggest conspiracies the world has ever known, and you don't think there are shills controlling the cover-up of it?


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And you're here to point the accurate finger? Fuck you, man. I'm just tired of this shit; it's way passed old.

The bigger issue is the massive censorship occurring from all angles across all media platforms. How about discussing that instead? Or discussing realistic methods to get justice for the innocence?

Fuck your Goddamn shill finger pointing, ya fucking shill.