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Yes, we should ban mere link posts! I used to like link posts as a submitter - it was a quick way to post, and I added comments with more info later.

But now, as a mod, how many inconveniences are connected to link posts.

It would be much better to only allow discuss posts - you can put the video or article link in the body of the post, and add some sentences to explain the content.

Many users here hate it when they don't know what a video is about, they would like to read some intro before clicking.

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HATE it...


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Ok, that's a clear statement! LOL.

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Ban them!

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I know, I know. We've got to leave the sticky up at least a week first to make sure everyone has a chance to let their choices be known.

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IMHO banning mere links is great! There are times when I might be interested to see where the link goes but because there is no addtional information I avoid it. Could be avoiding something really helpful in the fight but will never know because I don't click on what I see as arbitrary links. Thank you for asking!

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I think the pros outweigh the cons by a good margin

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The pros of keeping the Link feature, or the pros of disallowing it?

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heh my bad get rid of the link-only post, its benefits are dwarfed by its detriments

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I like the idea.

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I am in agreement with eliminating link-only submissions. Our subject matter is complex and our rules are stringent. We are researchers, and providing more than 1 sourced link is commonplace. Discussion enables the submitter to report on his/her links and expand on them. It sets the stage for interesting reading.

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Just replied to @think- upthread: "I thought I'd better not say too much more about it, knowing I've made my feelings well known already" sheepish look

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I agree with banning link only posts. Thank you for asking.

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