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sick and tired of this dude, there has got to be a way to have him removed from this position he's a horrible judge of relevancy.


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@jangles - i just doxxed the gay democrat y-combi employee who banned /r/pizzagate on reddit but they banned me from pizzagate.

Did you see i got banned for linking to US prosecutor filing about 'satanic torture' filed in 2017 by us prosecutor alleging the police let the pedophile who confessed to raping a child 5 years ago not be charged. millenial faggot deleted it.

You loose your respect in an instant when you do that: https://voat.co/v/pizzagatemods/2171387


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some people have adjendas, others have morals. I also think MF is not the same person amymore


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ever thought he was the same censorship AI (human assisted) that VOAT/REDDIT/DISCORD's faggot's trust and safety officer is working on and currently testing in his jew / Chinese communist government venture capital project. VOAT is fucked as reddit in a big way. This is where they gather the data to prime their AI on what to target. The ai is being written in python now.

Read this job description. These are hillary clinton supporting antifa supporting pizzagate censoring faggot scum who are writing these job descriptions. Not pizzagate censoring scum. THE r/pizzagate censoring scum. According to archive.is r/pizzagate started targeting the OTO kiddy fuck cult before the "witchhunt" was banned. If you watch my youtube channel some members of the OTO are actual real life witches like Hillary fucken Clinton and admit it in their published books (e.g. Carroline Tully) as well as being OTO in their books!

https://discordapp.com/jobs/2a38b2ea-7985-46a0-a23b-a6485e4925d5 As Discord is used by more and more amazing people, there are also more and more bad actors who seek to make Discord less great for our users. We work on stopping them every day, but could do so much more with your help. We’re looking for an anti-abuse engineer to build towers and rally defenses against the forces of evil, striking spam and abuse down and safeguarding our users.

What You'll Be Doing

Investigating, analyzing, and stopping spam, fraud, and other abuse on Discord.
Working on real-time processing systems to sort through millions of events a day, identify and block bad activity algorithmically.
Building tools to nip other avenues of abuse and fraud in the bud.
Collaborating with Trust and Safety, CX, and other engineers to make Discord better.
Thinking both quantitatively and qualitatively to drive continuous improvement.

What You Should Have

A degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience.
Deep familiarity with both Python and SQL.
Strong problem solving, troubleshooting, and investigative skills
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, under pressure.
A strong passion for gaming and online safety.

Bonus Points

Abuse engineering, analytics, or trust and safety experience.
A lifelong passion for gaming and deep understanding of what drives the gaming community. An ideal candidate is already familiar with Discord and is ready to jump in and help make it better!
A cover letter covering what you find interesting about Discord.
Played a tower defense game once in your life.

Sr. Trust & Safety Specialist, Legal Operations Company Name Reddit, Inc. Dates Employed May 2016 – Dec 2016 Employment Duration 8 mos Location San Francisco Bay Area

• Directed a project using data analysis to target and remove bad actors from Reddit, resulting in hundreds of users being punished for harassment and abuse that had previously not been caught. • Responsible for DMCA compliance, processing all copyright notices and counter-notices pursuant to the DMCA, handling trademark takedown requests, and updating policy. Revised and updated the repeat infringer policy, and researched current Ninth Circuit doctrine on contributory infringement. • Drafted and implemented new site-wide content policy, balancing the legal protections of CDA § 230 with platform goals, and set standards for enforcement of content removal across the platform on harassment, racism, and abuse. • Created product requirements documentation for copyright and data request tools, acting as the liaison between legal and engineering to drive creation of functional, extensible tools, and resolved disputes between stakeholders. • Assisted with civil and criminal warrants, subpoenas, and court orders, handling intake, assessment, and production of data to law enforcement entities and working with external counsel.